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Safe explosion-proof and durable 51.2V 7.68Kwh solar storage system stackable lithium batteries

Stackable solar storage system Home Energy Storage System is a PLUG & PLAY system with a flexible modular design with no extra cables, which is safe, long life span and has good performance. They apply to all home storage systems

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Stackable Home Energy Storage 51.2V 7.68Kwh Stacked Lithium Battery

This 7.68kwh battery is a stackable solar storage system home energy storage battery that can meet your different energy needs through simple stacking. 
This 7.68kwh battery can be stacked up to 4, that is, you can stack from 2.56kwh to 5.12kwh, 7.68kwh, and 10.24kwh. Of course, we also provide battery customization services, which can be customized for you in size, capacity, voltage, and appearance.

What is a stackable battery? 
The stacked energy storage system can be used for photovoltaic self-use and surplus storage during the day. 
When the photovoltaic system does not generate electricity, it can supply power through the system to improve the self-use rate of electricity. At the same time, the system can also be connected to the power grid without photovoltaic, and participate in peak shifting and valley filling to ensure that the equipment is not affected by sudden power outages. 
Stacked energy storage system power range is available to meet the needs of different load families. 
Battery capacity is flexibly combined and expanded, and household energy storage system selection is simpler.

Built-in Intelligent BMS

The 7.68kwh battery energy storage interior is composed of high-quality A-grade lifepo4 batteries. Lifepo4 batteries have higher energy density and longer service life.

The built-in intelligent BMS provides comprehensive safety protection and prevents the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, etc. They enhance the battery’s stability, maintain a balanced state, improve battery performance, and extend service life.

The metal shell outside the battery has the characteristics of high temperature, corrosion and vibration resistance. It protects the battery’s internal structure and circuit and ensures service life and safety.

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