• Dramatically decrease of Silicon material Prices
    Jan 07, 2022 Dramatically decrease of Silicon material Prices
    Important News in Photovoltaic Industry -Dramatically decrease of Silicon material Prices The prices of Silicon material fell 9% in half a month, due to the major energy giants increased their capital and expanded production. Now the relationship between limited supply and high demand will continue to rise next year, which is conducive to profitability. As we know, the prices of silicon materials and other upstream industry chains have risen in this year, resulting in lower photovoltaic installed capacity this year than expected. Recently, there are good news that silicon material has dropped again this week! According to the latest silicon material prices which released by the Silicon Industry Branch, the price of the domestic mono crystal compound -feeding material ranged between 233,000-243,000 RMB/ton in this week, and the average transaction price dropped to 238,600 RMB/ton, representing a weekly decrease of 4.94%; The prices of dense materials ranged from 231,000 to 241,000 RMB/ton, and the average transaction price fall to 236,200 RMB/ton, a week-on-week decrease of 5.14%. The imbalance between supply and demand of upstream & downstream has caused silicon materials to skyrocket According to statistics, the output of polysilicon in the first three quarters of 2021 was 360,000 tons, year-over-year increase of 24.1%. The output of downstream silicon wafers, cells, and modules all increased by more than 50% year-over-year. This upside-down phenomenon has directly caused the supply of silicon materials to fall short of demand, and the price has increased several times. On 30th November, Longji company took the lead in lowering the price of silicon wafers, and adjusted the price again within half a month, with a drop of more than 12%. Then another silicon wafer magnate which called Zhonghuan, also cut its price. This wave of price cuts for silicon wafers directly triggered the decline of silicon materials, as well as cells and other components. According to news from the Silicon Industry Branch, silicon material companies had weak transactions for two consecutive weeks. Some silicon material companies had inventory backlogs. At the same time, some companies had released their expansion and increase. During the same period, silicon wafer companies maintained a relatively low operating rate, resulting in silicon material supply. The market relationship of demand over supply continued, so the price of silicon materials maintained a downward trend this week, while the upstream and downstream stalemate game began a few weeks later to destock a large number of orders, resulting in a relatively significant decline in the price of silicon materials this week. Conclusion: These silicon wafer giants are reducing prices while expanding production. The shortage of silicon materials is expected to be alleviated in 2022, and the price of silicon materials is expected to continue to decline next year! Xiamen Sweet Power Tech. Co.,&...
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  • Saudi red sea new town energy storage project-off grid system
    Oct 18, 2021 Saudi red sea new town energy storage project-off grid system
    On October 16, 2021 Global Digital Energy Summit was held in Dubai. At the meeting, Chinese enterprises successfully signed the energy storage project of Saudi red sea new town. The two sides will work together to help Saudi Arabia build a global clean energy and green economy center. The energy storage scale of the project is 1300mwh. It is the largest energy storage project in the world and the largest off grid energy storage project in the world. It has strategic significance and benchmarking demonstration effect on the development of global energy storage industry. Honghai new town energy storage project is a key project listed in Saudi Arabia's "vision 2030" plan, and the developer is ACWA power. Red sea new town, located on the Red Sea coast, is also known as the "new generation city". In the future, the power of the whole city will come entirely from new energy. Red sea new town will lead a new way of life and seek to achieve a new economic growth point under the situation of increasing depletion of oil and other resources. SWT-POWER has more than 10 years of experience in photovoltaic system R & D, design and application. Our company is committed to the mutual integration of green photovoltaic and energy storage technology, and creates "more efficient, more stable and more secure" based on the design concept of serialization, intelligence and modularization The intelligent series energy storage system helps photovoltaic become the main energy and build a green and bright future. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about photovoltaic. We will provide you with the best scheme. Family off grid system: 3KW home off grid energy storage system : https://www.swtsolarpv.com/3kw-off-grid-system-solar-with-lifepo-4-battery-for-solar-energy-storage-system_p54.html 5kW household off grid energy storage: https://www.swtsolarpv.com/off-grid-solar-home-system-5000-watt-power-supply-energy-storage-ac-dc-input-output-battery-back-up-generator-solar-kits_p45.html Split Phase of 3KW household off grid energy storage 120/240VDC https://www.swtsolarpv.com/3kw-24v-split-phase-inverter-120v-240v-out_p60.html Split Phase of 5kW household off grid energy storage 120/240VDC https://www.swtsolarpv.com/5kw-48v-split-phase-inverter-120v-240v-out_p44.html
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  • The Importance of Adjustable Triangle Mounting System When Mounting Solar
    Sep 25, 2021 The Importance of Adjustable Triangle Mounting System When Mounting Solar
    Each rooftop requests an alternate technique for sunlight-based board installation. What turns out best for a composite rooftop probably won't be the best answer for a solid tile roof. One deciding component to ask your sun-based establishment organization is the manner by which they direct what item and how your boards are installed. The adjustable triangle mounting system is remarkable and tailored to fit the solar system on your rooftop. Items are planned explicitly for creation/black-top shingle rooftops, tile rooftops, Shake and Record roods, and rooftops with a low slope. Inside each style of the rooftop, perceiving if the rooftop is new or retrofitted figures out the thing item is the correct mounting system for your board establishment. Pitched Rooftop Mounting System and Flat Rooftop Mounting System At the point when sun-oriented boards are introduced on your rooftop, you are in a real sense permitting your sun-based establishment organization to penetrate openings into your roof. This implies that guaranteeing the right mounting situation is indispensable to evade spills on your rooftop. SWT Power is one bad-to-the-bone supplier of mounting products. This is significant on the grounds that SWT Power was established on the guideline of offering strong and dependable help. Preparing for Quick and Basic Establishment Erroneous establishment of a sun-based board exhibit is frequently associated with the absence of preparation or schooling of an establishment crew. We have faith in nonstop instruction so we work intimately with our merchants as they are near the installers on the lookout. Establishment teams are at the cutting edge of information and preparing experience, which prompts introduces that follow Best Practices for the pioneer in the industry. Moreover, outside of formal preparation, online classes and video instructional exercises are consistently accessible and open. These apparatuses are incredible zones of sun-oriented knowledge and preparation in all cases. Why It Is Essential to Pose Inquiries Helpless rooftop racking and mounting frameworks can adversely affect the creation and estimation of your sunlight-based system. When a mounting framework isn't introduced accurately, or a mounting arrangement of mediocre quality is joined to your rooftop, the danger of issues increases. Moreover, erroneously introduced mounting and racking frameworks prompts spills in the rooftops and a heap of potential wellbeing issues. As you gather cites, pose direct inquiries about the mounting and racking frameworks that will be utilized on your solar installation. In the event that you are told "All mounting frameworks are something very similar," it is prescribed you keep on finding organization cites that solution to the quality and security assumptions you have of your close planetary system. Posing such a large number of inquiries right off the bat is an approach to dispense with issues further down the lane. Since sunlight-based boards ar...
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  • The 5 Financial Benefits of Off-Grid Solar System
    Aug 25, 2021 The 5 Financial Benefits of Off-Grid Solar System
    Do you think DIY home sunlight-based power is about saving the climate? Reconsider. While a few Americans need to be ecologically greener nowadays, the essential explanation the vast majority are introducing their own photovoltaic frameworks is because of an alternate type of green. What property holders truly need is to set aside cash, and get an off grid solar system as it offers many money-saving benefits on power issues. Here are significant noteworthy advantages. The Cost is in one and not Misdirected Introducing your own sunlight-based energy system keeps more cash in your pocket since you try not to pay the powerful work charges and extra costs of recruiting proficient PV project workers. Off-Grid Solar System Lessens or Kills Your Power Bills As per the U.S. Energy Data Organization, the average home power bill in 2015 was generally $114 each month. In numerous pieces of the country generally manageable to sun oriented energy, or those with bigger homes, that figure might be altogether higher. On the off chance that you introduce a Do-It-Yourself sun-oriented exhibit, you can definitely lessen or even take out that month-to-month cost. Over the lifetime of your framework, you'll save a huge number of dollars by not paying the service organization. Off-Grid Solar System Balances out Energy Expenses Electric utility rates have been on the ascent for a long time, and they are projected to take a major bounce one year from now. (By and large) for as long as two years. By picking off Grid Solar System, you will for all time balance out your energy costs, as power from the sun is free. Furthermore, each time the service organization supports its rates, your reserve funds will increment likewise. Off-Grid Solar System Jolts of energy Home Estimation In case you're similar to most Americans, you presumably will not live in your home for long. Despite the fact that the average length of homeownership in 2013 was 13 years, the most recent information reflects an average as low as five years. At the point when you choose to sell, at whatever point that might be, you will see another monetary benefit of possessing a sun-powered energy framework. The examination overwhelmingly demonstrates that homebuyers pay more for homes with sun-based panels (as long as the framework is possessed, NOT rented!) than for comparable properties without photovoltaic force. Likewise, sunlight-based fueled homes sell quicker. With added home and market esteem, a photovoltaic framework for all intents and purposes pays for itself. Off-Grid Solar System Are Qualified for Net Metering In many states, nearby service organizations are needed to follow net metering rules. As such, they should remunerate shoppers for the overabundance of power they ship off the utility framework. Off-Grid Solar System is completely qualified for this possibly worthwhile strategy. On account of net metering, property holders can get acknowledgment for their extra sunlight-based power. We can pro...
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