The major models of "photovoltaic + agriculture" Mar 14, 2024

New energy + new agriculture, one represents the future of green transformation and development, and the other represents the foundation of the national economy and people's livelihood. Photovoltaics have given new vitality to the most traditional agriculture.

Photovoltaic agriculture refers to a business model in which agricultural management facilities (or units) are scientifically designed and rationally grafted with photovoltaics in order to achieve multiple uses in one land and increase unit land output during the practice of agricultural production. During the design, construction and operation of photovoltaic power stations, space necessary for agricultural planting and breeding should be reserved to ensure that while the photovoltaic power station generates electricity normally, it can meet the physiological needs of plants and animals, achieve the effects and benefits of agricultural and photovoltaic complementation, and achieve the integration and innovation of ecological agriculture and circular agriculture technology models provide strong technical support for sustainable agricultural development.

"Photovoltaic + agriculture" is an emerging form of agriculture. It not only solves the problem of power supply required for water extraction and irrigation machinery, avoids the competition between the photovoltaic industry and agriculture for land, but also sells the excess electricity to the national grid. At present, there are four main modes of photovoltaic agriculture, namely photovoltaic planting, photovoltaic breeding, photovoltaic water conservancy, and photovoltaic cottages, which are divided into mushroom photovoltaic, fishery and photovoltaic complementary, vegetable (fruit) photovoltaic, livestock and poultry (pastoral) photovoltaic, Linguang, medicinal photovoltaics, ecological photovoltaics, water conservancy photovoltaics, etc.In the current wave of rapid development of the  photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic agriculture plays an important role and has broad development prospects.

1. Photovoltaic + Vegetable/Fruits

Organically combine rooftop photovoltaic power generation with agricultural planting under the shed to drive the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry. In terms of crops, aerospace vegetables or shade-loving plants can be grown. This type of  project can also do some tourism agriculture.


2.Photovoltaic + Breeding industry

Photovoltaic plus breeding industry can be used for free-range breeding or breeding sheds. It can breed sheep, pigs, chickens, dairy cattle, beef cattle, rabbits, etc. Most of them are herbivorous animals.


3.Photovoltaic + Fishery

Utilizing the vast area of the fish pond, solar panels are installed on it to generate electricity. The photovoltaic modules are arranged three-dimensionally above the water surface, and aquaculture is carried out below.It is dual-purpose in one place, and the profit is significantly higher than that of pure aquaculture.At present, the main classifications of fish-light complementation are closed type, open type, floating type and leaping type.Generally built in lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, coal mine subsidence areas, rice fields and fish farming and other areas.

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