Neighbors suspect that photovoltaic modules have light pollution? Here comes the expert explanation! Mar 22, 2024

     Mr. Li, who lives in Fujian, wants to install a set of photovoltaic power stations in his home, and wants to realize that electricity does not cost money, but can also generate electricity to make money, should be happy, but let him worry, why is this? It turns out that the neighbors come over every three and a half times to pass on the information: photovoltaic modules have light pollution, which will affect the surrounding neighbors.

     Later, Mr. Li found a local industry expert and got a professional answer, only to know that the truth is not like the neighbors said. So, is there light pollution in the photovoltaic module? Will it affect People's Daily lives?

01 Light pollution

     Light pollution is a new environmental pollution source after waste gas, waste water, waste residue and noise pollution, which mainly includes white pollution, artificial day pollution and color pollution. In daily life, people's common light pollution is mostly caused by the vertigo of pedestrians and drivers caused by the reflection of mirror buildings, and the discomfort caused by unreasonable lighting at night.

02 Glare

     Glare refers to a visual condition that causes visual discomfort and reduces the visibility of objects due to inappropriate brightness distribution or extreme brightness contrast in space or time in the field of view. Glare can be divided into direct glare and reflected glare, and reflected glare is directly related to the reflectivity of the target object.

03 Comparison of reflectance of solar photovoltaic 

modules with that of common surface objects

     Photovoltaic module is the core equipment for photoelectric conversion in the process of solar photovoltaic power generation. In order to improve the conversion efficiency, the surface of the glass cover plate used in the production process of the module is generally suede-treated and coated with anti-reflection film, and the surface of the silicon is textured and anti-reflection film, which has achieved the increase of the transmission rate of the glass cover plate and the absorption rate of the crystalline silicon. The surface of the photovoltaic module is tempered glass, the surface is not mirror, there will be only slight diffuse reflection, and there is no light pollution.

     In fact, the visible light reflection coefficient of ordinary tempered glass is 9% to 11%, which will not cause light pollution, and the BIPV component uses the same type of glass as the building, which will not cause light pollution. The source of light pollution is visible light, and the internal power generation unit battery of the BIPV module will absorb visible light and convert it into electricity, which will further reduce the reflection of visible light. So photovoltaic power generation system is no light pollution.

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