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600W Portable Power Station Electric Supply Emergency Rescue

Portable power station has 576Wh capacity and can reach to 3 Hours Super Fast Charging. Using100W Max Solar Charging and 600W Rated Pure Sine Wave (through intelligent buck drive, load 600W appliances). LiFePO4 Battery with 2,000+ Life Cycles to 80%

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*Expandable Up to 1.2kWh

*2~3 Hours Super Fast Charging (2 chargers)

*600W Rated Pure Sine Wave Inverter (Surge 1200W)

*16 Versatile Output

*576Wh Large Capacity

*Bidirectional Charge Flow Between Main Unit & Expansion Battery 

Whether you need to keep your electronic devices functioning on a weekend camping trip or are looking for an emergency power supply for use at home, 600LFP is capable of providing days of extra juice wherever and whenever you need it.

Lithium Battery Safe vet Durable:

Not only will this allow you to make a contribution to the environment by harnessing clean and free solar energy, but it will help cut down your electricity bill all year long! 

Expand to 576Wh capacity:

600W AC output can support the work of most devices very well.

Max 576W Charging, Lightning Fast
DC Solar: 12-24V /1-5A

Input Voltage Range: 100V-240VAC

The expansion capacity of the 600W portable power supply can reach 576Wh, and the large capacity can meet almost all use scenarios.

All-Around Capability:

It can be widely used in the field of mobile working, outdoor recreation, camping, rescuing, environment protection, emergency communication, power outage backup and so on.

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