• Off grid solar system from SWTPOWER Nov 16, 2021
    Off grid solar system is a new type of comprehensive utilization method of power generation and energy sources with broad development prospects. It advocates the principle of nearby power generation and nearby use. It is also called independent photovoltaic power station, and it operates independently without relying on the power grid. It takes full advantage of the widespread existence of solar e...
  • An emerging renewable energy technology Nov 12, 2021
    An emerging renewable energy technology Along with the development of social economy, the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, global energy consumption is increasing. And the world's known primary energy reserves are expected to be exhausted within 100 years. Therefore, various countries and regions are actively developing and utilizing renewable energy. As one of the most imp...
  • Setting up a Photo voltaic Panel Aboard Your Boat Aug 25, 2021
    Adhering to a modern 5-working day journey aboard our trawler where we had to frequently commence up the genset to provide electrical energy to the a hundred and fifteen volt AC freezer to preserve temperatures, I commenced to mull above possibilities. We place in an excess of ninety hours on the vessel generator in only 5 days time for one more oil adjust! I put in an inverter soon thereafter and...
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