Solar power systems applied to residential building form swt-power Jan 26, 2022

With the accelerated development of the solar energy industry, the pace of solar energy applications,especially solar power generation, has accelerated significantly.

Compared with many other renewable energy sources, solar power generation has the advantages of cleanliness,safety, wide application, long life and maintenance-free, adequacy and economy.

These incomparable advantages have been recognized by more and more national governments and business circle.

Many developed countries have formulated solar power generation development plans,such as the "Million Roof Plan" in the United States and the "New Sunshine Plan" in Japan.

Seemingly ordinary residential windows and roofs are actually masters of energy production, which can "collect" solar energy and convert it into electricity. Xiamen Sweet Power Tech Co., Ltd. can provide one-stop solutions for residential projects, such as 3kw residential solar power system.

The 3kw residential solar power system applies the concept of residential buildings generate energy,that is, through the solar power generation system on the roof or wall of the house, the house can supply itself with green electricity to meet its own electricity needs.

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