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solar mounting -Grounding clip

High-performance anti-theft fastening and grounding clip for framed PV modules and steel structures.Clips snap easily into place with no screws or tools, so you don’t need an electric power supply at the job site. They are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and keep costly on-site maintenance down.
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    Min clamp End clamp
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  • Warranty:

    The warranty is 10 years and can be used for 20 years
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    T/T.L/C.Paypal.Western Union


※ Fasten and ground in a single step. 

※ Up to five times faster than a clamp. 

※ Tool-free. 

※ Anyone can install: minimal training required. 

※ Intuitive: the audible “click” signals successful installation. 

※ Installs from under the module: no more stepping on the module. 

※ Lowers PV solar equipment. 

※ Screwless design eliminates periodic torque control. 

※ Elastic mechanical clamping reduces the risk of hotspots. 

※ Anyone can install: minimal training required. 

※ Flexible: supporting rail and frame holes don’t need to be aligned. 

※ Very corrosion- and lightning-resistant. 

※ Entire string remains grounded even if a module is removed for maintenance. 

※ Anti-theft design.

solar mounting Grounding clip

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