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PV Mounting System Adjustable end clamp 32-50mm

This variable-voltage transformer can be adjusted according to the needs, Because its adjustable range is relatively wide, which increases its practicability and convenience. You can set it easy for mounting system.
  • Typ:

    End clamp
  • Size(PV):

  • Lead Time:

  • Warranty:

    The warranty is 10 years and can be used for 20 years
  • Paymen:

    T/T.L/C.Paypal.Western Union

※ Application: Adjustable end clamp 32-50mm 

※ Wind speed: Up to 60m/s

※ Module Orientation: Landscape , Portrait

※ Material: Anodized aluminum 6005 T5, stainless steel 304 

※ Standard: AS/NZS1170.2:2011 (R2016), JIS C 8955:2017s



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