on & off grid solar system

33KW On Grid Inverter SOFAR 33000TL-G2 3 Phase Grid Tie Solar Inverter

SOFAR 33000TL-G2 is a three-phase inverter that is perfect for large photovoltaic installations - photovoltaic farms, commercial buildings etc. The IP65 protection degree allows the inverter to be installed on the outside of a building.
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    7-15 days

Maximum efficiency: 98,6%
A wide range of supply voltages on the DC side
Highly precise MPPT search algorithm
2 MPP Tracker modules
Built-in DC load switch
DC and AC overvoltage protection (optional)
Built-in function of zero power export to the public grid

Model SOFAR 33000TL-G2
Power 33000W
Euro efficiency
Max. efficiency
Max. voltage
Max. MPPT voltage 
Min. MPPT voltage
Initial feed-in voltage
Max. current 
Maximum output current
Number of MPPT inputs
Weight 37KG
Communication type
Dimension 660 x 792 x 374
Color White

on grid inverter


on grid inverter

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